Information for Entegra Bank branch conversion

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Welcome to Select Bank & Trust

**Status Message Monday April 20, 2020**
  • Customers converting from Entegra Bank to Select Bank & Trust must enroll in Digital Banking.  This can be done by visiting  See Q6 below for more information
  • We were made aware that an error occurred that resulted in customer getting charged a $3 paper statement fee to the majority of the Entegra Bank customers when they cut the final statement at conversion.  We are in the process of identifying each of these customers and will be issuing refunds to all effected accounts.     
On April 20, 2020 the 3 Entegra Bank, a Division of First Citizens Bank, branches (located at 30 Hyatt Road, Franklin, N.C., 473 Carolina Way, Highlands, N.C., and 498 East Main, Sylva, N.C.) became part of the Select Bank & Trust family.  We hope this page helps you navigate through this transition and answer some of those questions you need to know.  We understand that your financial life is important to you and we will do all we can to make this transition as smooth and simple as possible.
 Resources that have been mailed to you:                                                  Contact Information:
  • Welcome Letter- a welcome from our CEO                                            Franklin (Holly Springs) Branch:  828-524-1000 
  • Welcome Guide - your guide to key info and updates                       Highlands Branch:  828-526-3000 
  • Account Disclosures Booklet                                                                          Sylva Branch:  828-586-1000 
  • Terms & Conditions Booklet                                                                            Select Bank 24/7 Automated Banking: 1-877-610-7315
  • Overdraft Services Consent Form                                                                Debit Card & Digital Banking help dedicated line (8 am - 8pm, 
  • Treasury Services Guide - for business customers who                          April 20-May 1, 2020):  1-877-610-7315                use specific Treasury Services                                                                                                                                                                                                     

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Will I be able to access my accounts during the conversion to Select Bank & Trust?
A:  While we have worked diligently to ensure you have a smooth transition to Select Bank & Trust, there will be a brief period from
after 6 p.m. on April 17, 2020 until approximately 8 a.m. on April 20, 2020, when you will be unable to access your accounts. If you
need to access cash during that time, we suggest that you make appropriate preparations. Your Select Bank & Trust Debit Card can
be used over the weekend, see below for card limits.

Q2: Will the fees associated with my account change?
A:  Depending on your account, your fees may change. Please review the product tables in the Welcome Guide and the accompanying Disclosure information for specific details. Monthly Service Charges for all accounts will be waived for 90 days. Fees associated with the use of non-Select Bank & Trust ATMs will also be waived for 90 days.
Q3: Will my account number change?
A:  In most cases, your current Entegra Bank account numbers will remain the same. In the event a change is required to one of your account numbers, be sure to review the new set of checks that is sent prior to conversion. All accounts, regardless of account number, will be receiving a set of checks and deposit slips prior to April 17, 2020.
Q4: Where do I send my loan payments?
A: Please mail loan payments to:
      Select Bank & Trust
      Payment Processing
      863 Tilghman Drive
      Dunn, NC 28334
Q5: Will I need new checks and deposit slips?
A: You will receive a set of checks and deposit slips prior to April 17, 2020 and will begin using them after April 17, 2020. If you do need
to order new checks after April 17, 2020 your new routing/transit number will be 053112330.

Q6: Do I need to re-enroll in Online Banking?
A: Yes. Please refer to the Digital Banking sections of the Welcome Guide for information about logging in to your Digital Banking
profile with Select Bank & Trust. Business Digital Banking users with Positive Pay, ACH origination and Online Wire ability will receive specific instructions on how to establish their Digital Banking profile prior to April 17, 2020.

Q7: What will happen to my bill payees and automatic payments and transfers? Will I have to re-enter them?
A: If you are an Entegra Bank Online Banking customer, your bill payees and automatic payments and transfers will not be converted to
your account. Establish your digital banking profile with Select Bank & Trust in order to add your payees or make changes to existing payments. Treasury Services users will receive a mailing with additional information on this topic. We suggest making note of all payees, including account numbers, prior to April 17, 2020.
Q8: What will happen to my overdraft line of credit?
A: Your overdraft line of credit will be maintained as part of your new banking relationship.

Q9: Will the statement date for my deposit accounts change?
A: The statement date for your accounts may change. You will receive your last Entegra Bank statement after April 17, 2020. Statements for your new Select Bank & Trust deposit accounts will be processed on the last business day of each month.
Q10: Will the interest rate on my accounts change?
A:  Depending on your account, your interest rate may change. Please review the product tables in the Welcome Guide and the accompanying Terms & Conditions booklet for specific information. 
Q11: Will the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on my Debit Card change?
A: Yes, you will receive a new Debit Card with with activation instructions before April 17, 2020. You will be able to select your PIN at activation. 
Q12: Are my Debit Card withdrawal and purchase limits changing?
A:  The limits on your new Select Bank & Trust Visa Debit Card will be the following:
Personal Debit Card Limits after April 20:                                            Personal Debit Card Limits April 17 - April 20:
ATM Withdrawal     $600                                                                                 ATM Withdrawal      $500
Purchase                       $2,500                                                                              Purchase                        $1,500