SBA PPP Forgiveness information

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SBA Direct Forgiveness Option

The SBA has created a new direct forgiveness option for PPP loans $150,000 or less. Under this option, customers can log onto SBA’s forgiveness platform, fill in the application, upload and submit it to SBA for review. Visit the SBA's PPP Forgiveness Portal to get started. 

If you'd like to explore how to use this new feature, the SBA is hosting Live Event Borrower Education Sessions. More information about those events will be made  available on the SBA's PPP Forgiveness Portal. An SBA hotline as well as a user guide will also be posted to help with any questions or technical issues you may have.

You are welcome to use that portal, but please note that Select Bank & Trust is still required to confirm all of the same information we review when processing your forgiveness applications internally. Please choose the route that best fits your needs as Select Bank & Trust believes both options will result in an efficient forgiveness review process.

If you have any questions on which option might be better for you, please contact your local branch.